Principal Investigator

Joshua Hartshorne

B.A. Mathematics, Oberlin College
M.A. Psychology, Harvard University
Ph.D. Psychology, Harvard University

I am interested in understanding what allows humans, but not current machines, to learn language – and why it is that children, despite their salient limitations of both cognition and experience, are so much more successful at language learning than adults. I am particularly interested in applying new and emerging methods (such as computational modeling and crowdsourcing) to core problems in the language sciences.

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Full-Time Staff

Miguel Mejia

Lab Coordinator

B.A. Psychology, Linguistics (Cognition and Language)
University of California, San Diego

My interest lies in understanding how language is represented in the mind, and how language production and comprehension are processed in relation to other cognitive functions. I am particularly drawn to the matter of meaning, and how it is encoded and retrieved during early stages of human development and beyond.

Mariela Jennings


B.S. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
George Mason University

I am interested in using computational modeling and crowdsourcing to learn more about the way language works. Recently, I learned about probabilistic programming languages and became very excited about their development and applications!


Lily Feinberg

I am a senior at BC studying Applied Psychology and Human Development. I am interested in language acquisition in young children and the results of problems that occur during this development.

Zachary Barker

I am a senior majoring in Psychology B.A. I am interested in how children develop cognitively and socially and how the inability to develop normally affects the child in multiple ways.

Juliani Vidal

I'm a senior at Boston College majoring in both Psychology and Sociology and minoring in French. I'm very interested in how children go about acquiring a primary and/or a secondary language and how that affects their development.

Eric Seferian

I am an undergraduate Research Assistant. I am a Psychology B.A. major in my second semester with the lab.

Camille Phaneuf

I am a rising senior at the University of Michigan, where I am studying Neuroscience and Computational Cognitive Science. In a general sense, I am interested in modeling human language, as well as other biological and cognitive processes. At the moment though, I am very excited about machine learning and connectomics!

Seung Kim

I am a junior linguistics major with a minor in CS. I think computational and data-intensive methods can be invaluable in informing linguistic theories.

Rudmila Rashid

I am a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Chemistry. I am interested in language and acquisition and language processing and how cognitive and social development play a role in these areas.

Tiwalayo Eisape

I am a senior at Boston College majoring in computer science (B.S) and minoring in math, bioinformatics, and philosophy. I am interested in the application of machine learning in the fields of psychology and economics, specifically in the areas of natural language processing and market analysis, respectively.

Kate Roberts

I am a rising senior at the University of Nebraska at Kearney studying Communication Disorders with a minor in Psychology. I am interested in language acquisition and language processing, as well as the impact of speech sound and language disorders on normal development.

Tony Chen

I am a junior at Boston College majoring in Psychology BS and Computer Science. I am interested in second language acquisition in children and adults, as well as differences between monolingual and multilingual children.

Rachel Duquette

I'm a sophomore at Boston College studying math and computer science. I'm interested in the intersection of computer science and linguistics, especially machine learning and natural language processing.

Han Xiang Choong

I am a senior at BC majoring in computer science. I am interested in machine learning and its applications to neuroscience and psychology.

David Kocen

I am a sophomore at Boston College studying Psychology and Computer Science. I am interested in how language acquisition changes from childhood to adulthood and how we can apply knowledge from computer science to better our understanding of psychology.

Ning Duan

I’m a senior at BC majoring in math BS. I’m interested in applications of statistical models and using computer programming to realize data analysis.

Taylor Martinez

I am a senior at Rutgers University, majoring in Linguistics and Spanish. I am very interested in the language acquisition process in both children and adults and the social implications of language learning in bilingual communities.

Jacob Bennett

I’m a junior at Boston College majoring in computer science with a minor in philosophy. I like learning languages and am interested in how they work in our minds.

 External Collaborators