Principal Investigator

Joshua Hartshorne

B.A. Mathematics, Oberlin College
M.A. Psychology, Harvard University
Ph.D. Psychology, Harvard University

I am interested in understanding what allows humans, but not current machines, to learn language – and why it is that children, despite their salient limitations of both cognition and experience, are so much more successful at language learning than adults. I am particularly interested in applying new and emerging methods (such as computational modeling and crowdsourcing) to core problems in the language sciences.

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Aidas Aglinskas

Aidas works on a project funded by the Simons Foundation modeling heterogeneity of brain-connectivity in Autism. Specifically, he interrogates large datasets of resting-state fMRI to look at patterns of functional connectivity - using advanced computational methods. The project goal is to better understand subtypes and factors in Autism spectrum disorder. Before coming to BC, Aidas got his doctoral training at the university of Trento, Italy - where he used fMRI to understand how knowledge concepts are represented across brain networks.


Jesse Storbeck

My primary interest lies in improving internet-based behavioral research methods. I received my PhD in linguistics from the University of Southern California, where I focused on discourse-level processing in possessive constructions. At USC, I worked on projects incorporating a variety of web-based experimental methodologies, including self-paced reading and eye-tracking. At BC, I am working on the Pushkin project to support broader adoption of massive online experiments.

Graduate Students

Wei Li


I graduated from Cornell University with a major in developmental psychology. I’m interested in how children learn words, concepts, and language in only a few years with limited cognitive capacity and limited experience with the world. I’m also interested in integrating computational modeling and big data into cognitive development research.

Tianyi Li

I earned my bachelor degree in software engineering and then a master in cognitive neuroscience. Having been exposed to a diverse of perspectives from different disciplines along the way, I am broadly interested in cognitive science, especially language and cognition related topics. I seek to learn how people understand each other through learning, exchanging, and interpreting abstract information and how this knowledge in turn can help us more intelligent machines. I use a combination of computational modeling and empirical studies.


Wenshuo Qin

I am a freshman at Boston College, majoring in neuroscience. I am currently really enjoying cognitive science and am excited to gain more research experience. I like to study language understanding from the perspective of building neural models, and I am very excited to be a part of this amazing team!

Thomas Varvella Vicente

Hi, I'm Thomas! I'm a Senior here at BC studying Computer Science, with a love for Mathematics and Philosophy. I love playing volleyball and piano. Being a Multilingual student has always made me wonder about how languages might tie into things like cognition and thought, as well as understanding written and spoken language from a computational perspective.

Sara Bufi

I am a double major in Applied Psychology and Neuroscience here at Boston College. I am currently on the premed track, but I am very interested in the research found on the impact that learning a new language has on a person and their development. I am so excited to join the L3 team!

Annie Liu

I am a senior at Boston College double majoring in History and Linguistics. In my free time, I play tennis with friends, and I play viola in the Boston College Symphony Orchestra. I love learning about language and am excited to join the L3 team!

Adam Yang

Hi! I'm Adam, a rising Junior at Boston College studying Computer Science and Psychology. I am a big foodie, so I love not only eating the food, but also cooking the food. It's a pleasure to meet you and hopefully I'll see you around at L3!

Le "Sarah" You

I am a freshman majoring in Psychology BS, potentially double majoring in Computer Science. I am still exploring different psychological fields that interest me while gathering research experience. As a bilingual, I am deeply fascinated by the differences in acquiring a second language for adults and children. I cannot wait to join the team!

Elena Negron Reichard

Hey there, I'm Elena Negron-Reichard! I'm a junior diving into the world of Psychology on the premed track. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Spanish is my first language, but I have learned French since elementary school. When I’m not studying, you'll find me soaking up sunshine, chowing down on tasty bites, and exploring the outdoors. I am thrilled to be able to use my skills and passion to make a positive impact at L3!

Hunter Scheppat

Hi, I'm Hunter, a rising sophomore majoring in Finance and Computer Science. I'm thrilled to be a Research Assistant here at the L3 Lab, where I get to delve into the Pushkin project. My goal is to harness the power of data analytics and machine learning to drive innovation and make impactful contributions to both the scientific community and the business world. Looking forward to an exciting and productive time at the lab!

Regina Herrero Ampudia

Hi, my name is Regina Herrero and I am a senior majoring in politics and economics. As an international student I am passionate about languages since I have witnessed the cultural and social importance of diversity in communication in the world. I am thrilled to be able to contribute to the Formosan Corpora Project in order to protect and preserve endangered languages.

Joel Iglesias Lopez

Hi my name's Joel. I'm a freshman in BC's Lynch School of Education and Human Development, where I am majoring in transformative education. I am the Lab coordinator at L3. In education, I'm particularly interested in educational curriculum, with focuses in multilingual approaches in the classroom, ESL curriculum, and reading comprehension.

External Collaborators

Stefano Anzellotti

Boston College

Damián Blasi

Harvard University

Josh de Leeuw

Vassar College

Laura Germine

McClain Hospital

Sam Mehr

Harvard University

Christopher Erb

Brown University

Tim O'Donnell

McGill University

Martha Palmer

Colorado University, Boulder

Steve Pinker

Harvard University

Emily Prud'hommeaux

Boston College

James Pustejovsky

Brandeis University

Jesse Snedeker

Harvard University

Josh Tenenbaum

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nikhil Krishnaswamy

Colorado State University