Undergraduate Summer Internship Program

The Language Learning Lab at Boston College (L3@BC), directed by Dr. Joshua Hartshorne, is seeking undergraduate research assistants for Summer 2018. Students who desire more research experience and seek opportunities to contribute to various stages of the scientific process are encouraged to apply here. Application deadlines is February 1, 2018.

About us:

The Language Learning Lab at Boston College (L3@BC) opened in January of 2016. Our research sits at the intersection between linguistics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and psychology. Our strategy is to leverage new and emerging technologies to address previously unanswerable scientific questions. Methodologically, the lab uses a number of well-established methods, such as judgment studies, eye-tracking, and ERPs. However, we are particularly interested in exploring and exploiting new and emerging methods. One such method is testing tens or even hundreds of thousands of children and adults over the Internet, and in doing so being able to study questions that were previously out of reach.

Summer Positions

L3@BC has opportunities for three types of summer positions:
  • Developmental research experience
    • Hands-on experience running studies with children of varying ages
    • Running studies in a variety of settings, including the lab, museums and schools
    • Opportunities to directly contribute to ongoing studies through study design and participant recruitment and management
    • Additional responsibilities include scientific outreach, participant recruitment, instrument design, study design and participating in our online experiments.
  • Web development experience
    • Experience conducting online studies using psiTurk, Amazon Mechanical Turk and jsPsych
    • Experience conducting large-scale online studies through crowdsourcing
    • Opportunity to develop and expand the functionality of apps using Node.js and React.js
    • Opportunity to practice and develop various programming skills and work with different programming languages
  • Computational modeling (for students with prior experience)
    • Apply Bayesian computational modeling and/or deep learning to language research
    • Help build models of language acquisition
    • Assist in development of new analytic methods based on machine learning

Internship details

  • The program will last 10 weeks (tentatively June 11 - August 17).
  • The position is full-time (up to a 40 hour work week).
  • The lab is located on the main campus of Boston College, which allows full access to the many opportunities in the city of Boston.
  • Each intern will receive a $4400 stipend for the summer. '


  • Students should be current undergraduate students with a major in Psychology, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with previous research experience and experience with children.

Please contact the lab manager with any questions.