In addition to writing science papers, I also write about many other topics and for a wider audience. This list focuses on print publications, but I've included a few of the better Web-only articles.

All work here is under copyright.


The video game engine in your head ScientificAmerican.com Mind Matters, April 1, 2014.
      reprinted in Salon as Brain games: Science makes remarkable discovery about the human mind.

Calling all amateur scientists, Scientific American Mind, Jan-Feb, 2014.

Citizen scientists decode meaning, memory and laughter, ScientificAmerican.com MIND Guest Blog, Sept. 23, 2013

How to understand the deep structures of language, ScientificAmerican.com Mind Matters, Sept. 17, 2013
      reprinted in Salon as "Chomsky's 'Universal language' is incomplete." Sep. 21, 2013.

Where are all the talking robots? Scientific American Mind, March 2011.

Fantasy TV in the service of science: An open letter to HBO about 'Dothraki'. Guest Blog, ScientificAmerican.com.

How birth order affects your personality. Scientific American Mind, January 2010.

Does language shape what we think? Mind Matters, ScientificAmerican.com,

Why don't babies talk like adults? Mind Matters, ScientificAmerican.com, February 3, 2009.
      reprinted in Scientific American Mind, September, 2009.

Virtual labs: Is there wisdom in the crowd?Short Sharp Science, NewScientist.com, March 16, 2007.

Every Child is a Genius, with Sheila K. Berenson, Odyssey Magazine, January, 2007.

Magical Mistakes, with Sheila K. Berenson, Odyssey Magazine, January, 2007.


Study Spanish in the Costa Del Sol, Transitions Abroad, May/June, 2007.

Kids Say the Darndest Things. Just Make Sure it's in English, with Sheila K. Berenson, Transitions Abroad, May/June, 2007.

Learning Language Like the Experts, in Verge, Fall, 2006.

Chinese in Off-beat Places: Singapore, Transitions Abroad, May/June, 2006.

Chinese in Off-beat Places: Hong Kong, Transitions Abroad, January/February 2006.

Learn Chinese in Taiwan, Transitions Abroad, May/June 2005.

Education Programs in Russia. Transitions Abroad. September/October, 2004.

Language, Books & Culture

The Best Chinese Language Textbook, (eleventh in Books column), Centered on Taipei, September, 2006.

Taiwan: A Political History, (tenth in Books column), Centered on Taipei, April, 2006.

Mr. China, (ninth in Books column), Centered on Taipei, June, 2006.

Ordinary Folk, (eighth in Books column) Centered on Taipei, May, 2006.

Taiwan: A Political History, (seventh in Books column) Centered on Taipei, April, 2006.

China's Sparing Partner, (sixth in Books column) Centered on Taipei, March, 2006.

East and West, Inside DB, February, 2006.

Chinese Demystified, Centered on Taipei, February, 2006.

Cleaning Up, Glimpse.com, January 31, 2006.

Two Portraits, (fifth in Books column) Centered on Taipei, December 2005.

Learning History through Language and Language through History, (fourth in Books column) Centered on Taipei, November, 2005.

How China Works, (third in Books column) Centered on Taipei, October 2005.

Orientations, (second in Books column) Centered on Taipei, September.

Chinese Opera,Centered on Taipei, July/August 2005.

Incense and Skyscrapers: Religion in Taiwan. Glimpse.com. June 7 2005.

Glamour for Everyone, (first in Books column) Centered on Taipei, June 2005.

How to Ask a Question. Glimpse.com. June, 2004.

Surviving a Russian Bachelor Party, TravelMag.co.uk. March 9, 2004.
        Republished as How to survive a Russian bachelor's party with your kitchen intact, Go WorldTravel, June 2005.

New Year in Siberia, TravelMag.co.uk. Feb. 20, 2004.



Searching for Jewish Roots in Spain, Joshua K. Hartshorne, Houston Jewish Herald-Voice, September 23, 2006.
            Reprinted in edited form in Cincinnati Jewish News, in press.

A Summer Trip to Siberia, Transitions Abroad, September/October, 2006.

Tour Bus Torture, Dragonfire, May 16, 2006.

Waiting on Line for the Ferry to Sakhalin,Offbeat Travel, May, 2006

Ticket to Romance,; Kansas City Star, February 12, 2006.

Working in Russia, Transitions Abroad, January/February 2006.

Getting What You Paid For, Verge Magazine, Winter, 2005.

Distinct Cultural Flair Fuels New York's Rebound, Columbus Dispatch, September 11, 2005.

Tiksi or Bust, Russian Life. September/October 2005.

Building Trails, or Trying to, in Baikal, Siberia, GoNOMAD.com, September, 2005.

A Rustic Village of Scholars Makes for a Charming Visit,Buffalo News, August 28 2005.

For English, Press Here, St. Petersburg Times July 17, 2005.

Diary of a Water Shortage, Travelmag.co.uk. May 11 2005.

Sakhalin's Holy Trees, GoNOMAD, April 2005.

The other Jewish State, Jewish Herald-Voice. April 11, 2005.

Rope Trick, (Second in Planetary Portraits series), Verge Magazine. Spring 2005.
       Republished as Enigmatic Emissary: The Siberian Ranger, in Go World Travel, 2005.

Getting there is the easy part, staying is another story, Insideout Travel. March, 2005.

Siberia's Lake Superior, St. Petersburg Times (Florida). February 6, 2005.

Crossing Lake Baikal, Dallas Morning News. January 14, 2005.
      reprinted in: Press Enterprise, Denton Record Chronicle.

Faceless Face (the first in profiles series), Verge Magazine, Winter 2005.

A City of Gold and Diamonds.; Bootsnall.com. November 23, 2004.

Trekking Lake Baikal. Travelmag.co.uk. November 16, 2004.

Keepin' the Faith. Toronto Star. November 4, 2004.

Rambling Man Alan Meyer. InsideOut Travel Magazine. November-December 2004.

The Back of the Backcountry, and How to Get There, TravelLady Magazine. November, 2004.

Budget Travel in Russia. Transitions Abroad. September/October, 2004.

Volunteer in Russia. Transitions Abroad. September/October, 2004.

Traveling Siberia as a Modern Minstrel. TravelMag.co.uk. May 24, 2004.

Politics & Environment

The Russian Pirates, Joshua Hartshorne. Glimpse.com. January, 2005.

Baikal Watch (in Earth Island in the News), Earth Island Journal, Spring 2006.

The Great Baikal Trail, Earth Island Journal, May 2005.

Baikal's trail, Abroad View, Fall 2004.

Cutting Down Trees to Save Lake Baikal, Verge Magazine. Fall, 2004.

aving Lake Baikal, Russian Life. September/October, 2004.

For Children

Lake Baikal: Siberia's Vast Treasure, with Sheila K. Berenson, Faces, May, 2006.

see also Odyssey publications listed under “Science.”